Circumcision Made Simple

Expert general surgeon with 30 years experience who cares and give you personal care.

Circumcision as an office procedure:

• Technique in surgery invented by myself over the years, which enables me to do circumcision in the office under local anesthesia.

• Total cost of $1500.00, including surgery and follow up visits up to one month after surgery. This is about 20% of what hospital charges would be. You may check it out by calling local hospitals.

• Safety: The procedure has been performed by me over 100 times with results similar to my cases performed at a hospital setting.

• Convenience: No waiting for registration and preparation on the day of surgery, surgery time is between 60-90 minutes, patients can walk out on their own, but a driver is needed as precautionary measure.

• Consultation is necessary to evaluate your medical condition, general health, allergies, any medication you take, and discussion of surgery, for a fee of $150.00 that is non refundable.

• Surgical Reservation: Requires payment of $200.00 upfront that is not refundable if you cancel less than 2 (two) days before surgery.